Part 1: The Plan

Our process is simple: We listen. Like, really listen. It’s the only way to understand your goals for the event. From there, we take a consultative approach, guiding you through the entire undertaking—but never losing sight of your initial vision.

Once we’ve established a direction and developed a plan with your approval, our team can handle all aspects of pre-event planning: food, furniture, audio/video setups, venues, you name it.

Part 2: The Production

All the planning in the world doesn’t matter if you don’t have the skills to execute. And no one can match our skillset. During prep, build out, and the event itself, we’ll be there to see that everything is just-so.


Let’s get this party started. Like, literally.

We live for gala events, corporate parties, and unforgettable weddings. So naturally we’re always excited to talk about them.